Thursday, 3 December 2009

County Council Launches Campaign Against Driving Under the Influence

Hampshire County Council is launching a new countywide campaign, beginning 30th November, to raise awareness of the dangers of drink and drug driving.

The County Council is using taxis displaying slogan ‘’You drink, I’ll drive’’ in a bid to encourage people to take a taxi home.

The campaign follows on from the charity, Brake’s, Road Safety Week. Brake revelaed at least 15,935 people in the UK were killed or injured in 2007, by drink and drug drivers.

Sergeant John Dainton from Hampshire Constabulary’s Roads Policing unit said ‘’If you’re foolish enough to drive under the influence, the chances are you will be caught. It’s simply not worth the risk to yourself or other road users.”

If caught, drink and drug driving both carry the same penalties, which could include a £5,000 fine, a year long driving ban and six month imprisonment.

County Councillor, Mel Kendal said “The message is simple, don’t drive if you have been drinking alcohol or taking any prescribed drugs that could affect your ability to drive safely in any way.”

The taxi campaign will station five cabs each in Basingstoke, Gosport, Winchester, Andover and three cabs each in Aldershot, Farnborough, Petersfield, Alton and will continue for six weeks.

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