Wednesday, 9 February 2011

WINOL Brief, Semester Two, Week One

This semester I am part of the news team. Each week I will be producing a news package on students and campus. In the briefing it was decided that instead of keeping the stories based at University of Winchester, we should broaden and include Southampton Solent and Southampton University.
It was also discussed what is expected of us as part of the news team. It is vital to NEVER attend a news meeting without any ideas or at least two or three stories lined up. We need to attend the meeting with our interviews arranged and a clear outline of our package in mind. Having more than one back up story is also essential.
It is also important to attend the debrief every Monday at 9.30 as feedback and criticisms are essential.
My first package this week was regarding a new Modern History Research Centre at the University of Winchester. I was a little apprehensive that I only had roughly two days to get my interview, film and edit but the key is to be organised. After the news meeting on Monday, I e-mailed the head of the history department to arrange an interview. He passed me on to the convenor of the project- Dr Tom Lawson. I arranged an interview with him for 2pm the following day, ensuring I had my questions planned.
Tuesday, I filmed my GVs and the interview and spent the evening editing the piece together. As my first piece, it isn not terrible but I know there is a lot of it that could have been done better. The background on my interview was far too chaotic and the framing needed to be tighter. I could have filmed a better selection of GVs, as the ones I used for the end of the package do not seem entirely appropriate. I will be interested to see the feedback from my project on Monday.

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