Monday, 15 March 2010

Pornography's Place In Parliament

I read an article on the BBC News website on Friday that caught my eye. I was actually trying to educate myself on current political affairs when I saw the headline ‘Female porn director to fight Parliament seat in Kent.’
Anna Arrowsmith, or Anna Span as she is known in the porn industry, has been selected as the prospective Liberal Democrat representative for Gravesham in Kent. Mrs Arrowsmith is a well known female porn director, who is managing director of a leading adult entertainment firm who make porn for women. Mrs Arrowsmith says that she feels that women are under-represented within parliament and stated that the current expenses scandal had sparked up her interest in politics yet again.
Anna Arrowsmith’s background employment has of course caused a fair bit of controversy but should her previous work have an effect on her political reliability? There have been mixed reactions from the public in Kent. Many people feel her ties in the porn industry should not have any impact on her representation within the Lib Dems, however others feel she is an unsuitable role model. It could be argued that although many see the porn industry as distasteful, she is well respected in the trade and became managing director of a major company. A success in her own right.
Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg agreed that her job was not his ‘cup of tea,’ but supported her place within parliament. Surely political parties today look for a diverse range of people to represent their views and previous employment should not enter into the matter to a certain extent.
If Anna Arrowsmith is as driven and motivated as she claims and shows consistent compassion towards local issues then the people of Gravesham should be happy to accept her as a representative.

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