Sunday, 21 March 2010

Radio Script Week Two

Hello and welcome to Winchester Newsbeat. I'm Hannah Keegan, here with a short news update.

(Story 1)
Detectives are looking for robbers who threatened a service station employee with a gun and a metal bar last night in Weyhill Road, Andover.
The robbers made off with a small amount of cash from the till in a blue Renault Clio, driven by a third party.
The cashier, although unharmed, was shaken by the ordeal.
Detectives are appealing to anyone who was in the area of the service station around the time of the incident, who may be able to help with their enquiries.

(Story 2)
Major building projects across four of Winchester’s schools have been given the go ahead by Councillor David Kirk, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Children’s Services.
The project will cost more than £1.6million and aims to expand the schools’ facilities to benefit both staff and pupils.
Stanmore Primary, King’s School, Swanmore College of Technology and Weeke Primary School have been approved to receive the funding.

(Story 3)
In other news, a Winchester school girl is taking a seat in the UK Youth Parliament to represent Winchester and Eastleigh.
Felicity Stonehill, aged 15 from The Westgate School will join other young people from schools, colleges and youth centres across Hampshire in voting in the November local elections.
Martin Tod, Liberal Democrat prospective MP for Winchester praised the Youth Parliament for their work.
''Youth Parliament does quite a good job of making sure young people’s issues are heard, so I think that's a good thing and every part of the country needs to be represented, so I think it's good that Winchester is as well. Personally I think people should get into the mindset of being active citizens and the idea that they can change things and they deserve to be listened to and if that involves people getting involved in the youth council, the youth parliament then that's great.''

(Story 4)
And finally, residents, groups and businesses are participating in a charity event to help raise money for homeless charities in Winchester.
Everyone is invited to join ‘Winchester Walk for the Homeless,’ on Sunday 9th May in an effort to raise £50,000.
Walkers can chose a walking distance to suit them, from a 12-mile trek to a 1.5-mile family friendly pace. The proceedings will be directly donated to the homeless charities.
You can register online now for the walk at

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