Sunday, 3 October 2010

First Week on the WINOL Features Team

After what has seemed to be a never ending summer I am finally back at University, starting my second year as a journalism student.
I am now part of the features team for Winchester News Online. A sense of naivety told me that I would perhaps have a week or so to gather ideas and develop a suitable work ethic. I was wrong. The first day back brought with it my two first features assignments.
Myself and Justina Chlad are currently developing a 'Freshers Fashion' and 'Course Reviews' feature. Over the summer I had completely forgotten how to operate any sort of camera equipment and the thought of using editing software again was daunting to say the least. Thankfully a couple of revision sessions have brought me back up to speed.
The Freshers Fashion feature seems to be taking shape, the editing process will be the most difficult but I have an idea of how I want the piece to look. We have yet to begin filming the course reviews but have managed to arrange interviews with the lecturers we want to speak to and the filming will commence on Monday.
A meeting with the features editor, Veronica Frydel, will hopefully cement our ideas and ensure our first two features projects are successful.

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