Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween Trends 2010

Halloween is the perfect excuse for fancy dress. Whether you opt for scary or sexy, a good costume is essential this year.

Being a student means that you may not be able to afford a new costume every year but there is nothing wrong with recycling that devil outfit from five years ago, providing it still fits.

Make your fancy dress look more individual this year and harness your artistic talents by checking out fabric shops for quirky add ons to your outfit. A spider web print can make the perfect witches cape.

If you are going all out this year, check out your local fancy dress shop, for inspiration if nothing else. With everything from angels to zombies, there are plenty of imaginative options to go for.

Not so keen on dressing up? A plain white t-shirt, a pair of scissors and some fake blood provide a scary look that is not too extreme or expensive. If that still sounds like too much, opt for a simple mask and your Halloween look is sussed in one simple step.

Halloween always brings with it the old favourites as well as the newer sought after costumes. Comic book characters are still popular but dressing as a celebrity or film star is certainly a rising Halloween trend.

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