Thursday, 21 October 2010

WINOL Features. Student Survival Review

The above is my second features project, put together by myself and Justina Chlad. The idea was based around the typical Channel 4 documentaries, where presenters take on a challenge in one form or another and record how they get on.
As the feature was to be aimed at students we picked a topic which most students could relate to. Money. We researched the maximum amount of money a student could receive through a grant or loan and how much they were expected to live off per week. After surveying students on campus, it was decided that Justina would try and live off a minimum food budget of just £20 a week.
We both planned out how we wanted it to be filmed, predominantly with the use of video diaries. The filming took place over the course of a week and we thought we had enough good footage to make a good ten minute feature.
Unfortunately when it came to editing it was clear to see all the errors we had made. The sound for one was barely audible and was extremely difficult to edit. A lot of the footage we filmed was too long and we did not cut it down enough, so many scenes are drawn out and a little boring.
I still think the idea is fantastic but the execution is lacking. Justina and I plan to re-do the feature before the end of term and make it far more presentable and professional. So keep your eyes peeled for a top notch feature coming soon!

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