Thursday, 12 May 2011

WINOL Semester Two, Week Three.

The third week of the semester saw me making my presenting debut. I was extremely nervous as I had become used to being behind the camera, rather than in front of it. I also had to put together an OOV for the bulletin, as opposed to a package, as I could not introduce myself on a news story.

Again, I found it difficult to find a campus related story that did not revolve around finance, so I did a short piece on an employment fair at the university. My news editor came with me to help me film whilst I interviewed representatives from different job industries. Having someone to help me film made me realise how much I lacked confidence on cameras and framing interviews, as I realised I was constantly asking for reassurance and if everything was set up appropriately. I definitely needed to be more assertive.

I edited and scripted my OOV ready to go in the bulletin. It was a fairly basic piece but at least I would have something to go into the bulletin, unlike the previous week.

Actually presenting the bulletin was far more fun and relaxed than I expected. I thought I would be more nervous but after rehearsal I realised that there was not anything to worry about. We did a live OB for sport and that went smoothly and I managed to make it through the entire bulletin stutter free. We had pre- recorded the end of the bulletin as we did a short interview with one of the production team, Justina Chlad, on her polish bulletin. Overall I was happy with how it had gone and I received praise on my confidence in presenting. It is definitely something I could get used to.

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