Thursday, 12 May 2011

WINOL Semester Two, Week Seven

Despite only having been on news for a short time, I was a little relieved for week seven to be my last on the news team. I found a light-hearted story on a fundraising event at a Winchester restaurant in aid of the Japanese tsunami. I contacted the restaurant for permission to film and they happily agreed and even said myself and three peers could get complimentary meals. Mentioning any sort of publicity and press pass clearly pays off.

The filming went well, especially as the restaurant was so busy and there was a lot to film. I got an interview with one of the event co-ordinators and one of the waitresses who was set to go back to Japan the following day.

Editing was a little stressful as it all had to be finished by 12pm that day but as soon as I scripted my voiceover and knew how much time I had for the package it all seemed to run fairly smoothly.

Although it was only a short piece, it was an achievement to get a fourth package into the bulletin. The main criticism I received was that not enough of the atmosphere was captured and that I could have used much stronger shots to emphasise the community spirit and generosity.

Looking back at my stint on news, I do not think I realised how difficult it would be to put together a high quality and interesting news package every week. However, I think it is hugely beneficial to try and localise national stories. It is important to look at BBC News and websites for national papers, rather than focussing on reading local papers and local press releases.

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