Thursday, 12 May 2011

WINOL Semester Two, Week Ten

The tenth week of the semester I presented sport. Despite the fact I know next to nothing about sport, I was extremely keen to present again.

I asked the sports editor Gareth Messenger to help me with the scripting and talk me through the sports stories for the week.

The guest editor for the week was Geoff Hill, the news editor from CNN, so I was keen to do well.

Everything went fairly smoothly. There were unfortunately some technical difficulties during the news as one of the VTs would not play, but Kieran Brannigan, the news presenter for the week, recovered well and the bulletin was successful. Geoff Hill praised the production team for recovering from the technical difficulty and explained that it is not something to be criticised but something we must all experience as it a difficulty anyone in the profession could encounter.

I managed to present sport confidently and again avoided stuttering or adding words to the script as I seemed to do in rehearsals. I was pleased to have had another chance to present.

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  1. I also left a comment on your HCJ notes. Can you place a permanent link to the new coursesite - when you get a moment