Thursday, 12 May 2011

WINOL Semester Two, Weeks Eight and Nine

After a four week Easter break I had now moved onto production. There was no bulletin to be recorded this on week eight due to the bank holiday, so it was mostly meetings in preparation for the next week.

For week nine, I was eased into production. I had never contributed to any of the production during the bulletin so I was shown how to use the sound board and briefly shown vision mixing. I was more of a runner as I did not feel confident enough to be put in charge of something which was key to the bulletin, as I did not want the responsibility of ruining something vital. Instead I chased up timings, collated the order of the bulletin and then sat in the gallery whilst the bulletin was recorded so I could see how everything worked and what roles each member of production team was in charge of.

Although a lot of work and precision goes into filming the bulletin it was not as over complex as I had expected.

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